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I’m really getting the hang of this Podcasting thing, not only recording Podcasts but also listening to a bunch of Podcasts, DotNetRocks, G’Day World, Daily Source, and a number of others – Syncing the content to a Windows Mobile device is pretty easy (see my earlier post) – but what about listening to Podcasts in the car ? – you could of course put headphones on (probably not ideal from a safety point of view), or use something like the Belkin FM transmitter plugged into your Windows Mobile device (or in my case a Creative Zen 5GB media player) – you simply sync all your favorite music and audio Podcasts to the device, tune your car radio to the same frequency as the Belkin TuneCast and you’re all set…


The really neat thing about this setup is the ability to have around 2,000 songs sync’d to your media device and play the content in random play – there’s certainly more content than you could fit into a six CD stack.

The Zen Micro not only stores upto 5GB of content, but can also be used as a file store from your desktop PC (store your favorite word documents or source code on the Zen) – and also has a built in FM radio. So… you could use the Zen to transmit radio over radio to your radio.

– Mike

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  1. Greg Smith says:

    I’m very interested in the Zen Micro, but I’m looking for something that can play MP3s that are transferred using the device as a USB Mass Storage Device. I know the Zen Micro can be used as a MSD, and it can play MP3s transferred using its custom program on a PC. Do you know if it can play MP3s that were transferred over USB as a Mass Storage Device?

    It might be a great as a podcast holder using FeederReader and a Pocket PC with USB Host capability 😉 Using FeederReader, you can listen *and* download on the go.

    Greg Smith

    Author, FeederReader – The Pocket PC RSS, podcatcher, videocatcher – Download on the Road

  2. Jeff Parker says:


    No it can not, you can not access the actual USB drive from the device other than to enlarge it or shrink it as needed.

    However, I really love the Zen Micro myself. If you are running Media Player 10 you need no additional software, Everything can be controlled and Synced from Media Player. I found a way to do something like this though, if you are pulling down from the web you have media player set to auto discover new music, and then you tell media player to sync your device with new music. And well everything is transfered automatically.

    There are some other features Like FM Radio also a calender that syncs with outlook and so on.

    Anyway, Mike this is cool I have been waiting for this. I know the Ipod has had it for a while been waiting for the Zen version. I enjoy taking it with me as well on the road but can’t do headphones in the car.

    Off to Best Buy for lunch today to see if they have it.

  3. Richard Jones says:

    I’ve just managed to put a line in for my Zen direct into my car stereo.

    So much better than going the FM transmitter way (and I’ve tried). No interference and almost as good as CD quality.

  4. Mike says:

    Don’t you just love it when technology "just works" the way you want it to ? <g>

    Perhaps the other people at the user group should also get a Zen Micro and Belkin FM Transmitter.

    – Mike

  5. Jeff Parker says:


    Just thought I would drop you a line here I bought the Belkin FM Transmitter, per your recomendation only, and I got to tell you I love it. At first it was a little staticy, lots of extra noise, till I turned the Zen device off, and discovered the station I originally set it to was a real radio station and it kept interferring, quick change of frequency and was clear as a bell. However my music was a little tinny sounding, so another great feature of the zen is the custom Equalizer, I adjusted everything to where it sounded good. Then with the zen custom interface, I just set the custom EQ as a main menu option so when I get in the truck I turn on the custom EQ, when I wear the headphones, I shut it off.

    However my .net user group might be mad at you now. I was the one that always downloaded .net rocks shows and stuff and burned them to CD, and used tools like Windows Media Encoder to chop up the shows that went over a CD length into multiple CDs. Well now I am just pulling them over to the zen and listening to them there. So now I am already a week behind burning.

  6. Jeff Parker says:

    Well I find most technology works the way I want. Unfortunately sometimes I feel like I am dragging the people around me kicking and screaming to my level. We just bought a "brand new, state of the art" enterprise app at work that everyone in IT is expected to use. I got my first look at it today in training. First thing I noticed it was classic ASP. I started to raise questions in training from the vendor like, does it have a web service I can tap into to integrate into our portal? Does it have RSS feeds to get automatic updates to information?

    I was met with blank stares and even got asked what is a web service. And no RSS but it can email me every 10 minutes to let me know the status, uhhg. I didn’t bother to ask if it was easily compatable with a mobiles device. So I think CD’s to the majority population will be around for many years to come. But you know that does give me an idea for a topic at one of the meetings… Podcasting. I presented the msdn blogs to them before podcasting can’t hurt them. Never knew too much information or knowledge to hurt someone.

  7. Mike says:

    Doh ! – what is the user group you present at, and where/when do they meet ? – do you have a list of upcoming talks ?

    – Mike

  8. Jeff Parker says:

    List of meetings and upcoming events are there.

  9. I&amp;rsquo;m really getting the hang of this Podcasting thing, not only recording Podcasts but also listening to a bunch of Podcasts, DotNetRocks, G&amp;rsquo;Day World, Daily Source, and a number of others &amp;ndash; Syncing the content to a Windows

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