Starting work on a Windows Embedded or Mobile project ? – Blog it…

I bet a bunch of people reading this blog would be interested in watching a Windows CE/XPE or Windows Mobile project coming together from day one, if you’re starting a project why not blog the good, bad, and ugly, what worked well, where you had problems, I’m sure this would make for an interesting read – perhaps some of the teams signed up for the Windows Embedded Student Challenge would be interested in doing this…

– Mike


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  1. Aneesha Bakharia says:

    Great idea. I’m planning on building some elearning mobile projects.

  2. Mike says:

    excellent – can you blog your experiences – don’t forget to post the URL to your blog.

    – Mike

  3. I’m doing some XPE work on my project, if you want to check out my blog. We haven’t been able to find the right hardware yet, so my XPE work to this point has been learning and experimentation… Hopefully we’ll be able to find some satisfactory hardware, at which point I’ll have to get a working image going.

  4. Biggest problem I’m having right now is figuring out which libraries are available for C++ development on the Smartphone 2003 platform. I mean, I can’t even find a page which lists which parts of GDI & GDI+ are supported, and which aren’t.

    Which seems crazy to me.

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Simon,

    Pocket PC and Smartphone are based on Windows CE which exposes much the same Win32 API as desktop Windows. So, that being the case you should expect to find a similar set of API’s exposed on the platform (Device Context API’s), GAPI etc…

    Can you give me some idea what you’re working on, perhaps I can assist in locating the documentation…

    – Mike

  6. Sesha says:

    Mike, I built a sample CE image using the Platform Builder and exported an SDK. Using Embedded Visual C++, I am trying to build the IEShell sample that you wrote for MSDN. I get this error:

    "LINK: fatal error LNK1181: Cannot open input file coredll.lib"

    I tried searching for coredll.lib library and it looks like it is a basic requirement. Why would my OS/SDK not build it?



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