Minimo – Mozilla Browser for Windows CE

From c|net – Minimo, the Mozilla browser for mobile devices, is being developed for Windows CE devices, according to the Mozilla Foundation.

It looks like builds are being developed for Pocket PC devices – given that the Microsoft browser is built into the rom image of the Pocket PC and Smartphone would you install the Minimo browser on your device ?

– Mike


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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Nah, I really never have seen the value of the browser even being on there. XP Embeded, yes that has real web based value but pocket PC. I dunno I have never seen anyone in all my life and travels ever surf the web with a pocket PC. I used mine once, and only once at a book store to look on Amazon how much cheaper a tech book was there compaired to the store. But that took a while I ended up just using the voice record function and recorded the ISBN and price and went home and looked it up there.

  2. YES says:

    Microsoft can be as anticompetitive as it likes, but Gecko has superior rendering.

  3. Dave says:

    Yes, I will. Opera’s browser for the Smartphone is superior to IE.

  4. whynot says:

    Could be a more economical alternative if Minimo can be built into a "generic" WinCE device since CE "core" license does not include a browser. There are some devices that would like to use features like HTML help but can’t do with the "core" OS. So Minimo may actually help MS get into more low-end "core" devices (-;

  5. Sean Gahan says:

    If it’s lightweight, fast, and supports all that IE does, then why not. I always enjoy having choices.



  6. Well, i have built an windows ce image for a X86 device, and compared the browsing with ie6 for XP against ie6 for WinCE… Why does ie6 for wince runs much more slower than his big brother?