MSDN Channel 9 – Programming Bluetooth on Windows Mobile.

This is super cool – I interviewed Anil Dhawan a Program Manager on the Windows Mobile team responsible for wireless technoliges about Bluetooth support on Windows Mobile (read Pocket PC and Smartphone) and how easy it is to code up support for Bluetooth applications. Anil shows how easy it is to write a desktop remote control application using Smartphone – check it out here.

Bluetooth is apparently named after King Harald Bluetooth, a really interesting guy who brought Christianity to Scandinavia and thought it would be kinda cool that mobile and desktop devices could talk to each other over a short range wireless technology.

There’s even an interesting rune stone that shows the good king holding a PDA and laptop – see below

– Mike


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  1. Lickmi Harinutz says:

    It doesn’t work. But it works great on my Mac.

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