MSMobiles – iPaq Mobile Messenger h6500

From – iPaq Mobile Messenger h6500 compared to Orange SPV C500 – I really like the look of the HP device, it has a square touch screen, qwerty keyboard, and is a phone device.

Some highlights from the msmobiles report:

  • this phone is coming to the market in April 2005 and it will cost around 700 Euro or in other words "the same as current HP iPaq phone h6300"
  • the built-in GPS is compatible with NMEA standards and accessible under serial port for regular Pocket PC software
  • confirmed: this phone indeed has 200x200 pixel screen
  • when out of GPS range this phone is switching to triangulation when cell IDs of 3 cells in cellular network are used to calculate position
  • HP forbids its employees to reveal technical specifications of this phone yet, but we have got confirmation that it will be faster than HP iPAQ h6300; we have been told that detailed specifications of this phone will be released in April 2005
  • no built-in Wi-Fi but SDIO compatibe SD card slot
  • 2 card slods: SD SDIO and mini-SD
  • it will be sold in 2 versions: with built-in camera and without built-in camera ; this phone is targeting enterprise market therefore version without camera will be provided

Sounds pretty cool, looks pretty cool – I think I want one…

– Mike

Comments (7)

  1. i like it! especially the GPS being accessible. i wonder if our programs will be able to get location info when it switches to e911 as well?

  2. Does look good — *anything* to get away from portrait format + keyboard for me.

    I think I’d still prefer full landscape though, and built-in WiFi — we so need an HPC revival! So, if it ever comes to the US, the MDA IV could be just what I’m looking for:

  3. Michael says:

    But where is the WIFI?

    If it were a pure phone i would say okay… but since it is coming from the PPC side that is a big missing feature, hope they stick one in after all. can’T be that hard, right?


  4. Mike says:

    yeah, that’s nice – I actually liked the H/PC form factor – add bluetooth for wireless headset and I don’t see why it couldn’t be an H/PC phone edition…

    – Mike

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