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I feel that the blog is somewhat one way communication (apart from the recent Linux discussion), I dump some random thoughts, news and ‘stuff’ onto the blog, and have a couple of readers out there that read the content – Let me know if you have any news, rumors, device images, interesting projects etc… I’d be happy to discuss these on the blog…

– Mike

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  1. Bálint Kátay says:

    May be my project is not "interesting". (I wrote about it earlier –

    It is a university project, but it simulates the real life. Therefore that is matter for me to use CE, not XPEmbedded. I think assembly a video player with WinCE is an interesting topic.

    I tried to find MPEG2 decoders, but I failed. Whereto license MPEG2 filter?

    Other problem: I found it hard to use 5.0 images with VS .NET 2003, because the VS’s 4.1 emulator freeze with 5.0 images (black window, CPU at 100%, VS can’t connect).

  2. Bálint Kátay says:

    Anyone tried to use the VIA EPIA series with WCE 5.0?

    Is the SPOT’s operating system is CE? It is closed or can you add custom applications to it? What is the hardwer of the SPOT waches? (CPU, memory, etc…)

  3. Mike says:

    SPOT isn’t running on Windows CE – the SPOT watches run a 27MHz ARM based CPU, have a tinyCLR running on top of the processor, and applicaitons written in C#.

    More information about Embedded SPOT development can be found here – – and information about the watches and O/S can be found on

    – Mike

  4. Bálint Kátay says:


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