Mobility News (must be 3GSM or something)…

There’s a ton of mobility news this week from Engadget, must be something to do with 3GSM… here’s a couple of samples…

Microsoft Flextronics Peabody WIndows MobileMicrosoft is headed back to the handset market, only this time they’ve teamed up with contract manufacturer Flextronics (one of those companies that builds everything for everybody) on a reference design for a low-cost smartphone running Windows Mobile. The phone, codenamed “Peabody” for whatever weird reason, is spec’d out to connect to GSM/GPRS networks, and won’t actually be sold directly to consumers. Nah, their real customers are other handset manufacturers or wireless carriers, who can use the Peabody reference design to order up a menu of different options and features and have a line of handsets customized to suit their needs and built to order by Flextronics. Having the platform already set out makes the phones easier and cheaper to build, and you can already tell that Microsoft is itching to do for cellphones what they’ve already done for PCs.

Nokia logoNokia announced they’ve licensed the ActiveSync protocol for synchronization from Microsoft.  This move will put future Nokia devices right next to the most popular business application on the planet, as ActiveSync is an integral component of Microsoft’s Exchange Server.  While the Nokia PC Suite will continue to support the open OMA standard for data synchronization, the addition of ActiveSync will certainly put Nokia’s Series 60 and Series 80 handsets at the top of corporate IT recommended device lists.

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