Windows Embedded Student Challenge – Over 275 Teams from 30 Countries !!!

The Windows Embedded Student Challenge has over 275 teams registered from over thirty countries – to get a complete listing of registered teams and countries check out the Excel spreadsheet here

With names like “Rocket Studio”, “Syntax Error”, “Flying Monkey”, “Mechanical Squirrels”, and “Pocket Medic” sounds like it could be an interesting competition…

Next step is for teams to submit their project abstracts – I’m really looking forward to taking time to read through these, I’m sure there are going to be some awesome projects coming out of this competition…

– Mike



Comments (3)

  1. Holy … 175 teams registered in the last three weeks!

    Well I know at least all four of BC’s teams didn’t register until the very last minute. But wow. Absolutely blows my mind. Not that I’m surprised, last year was great!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Windows Embedded Student Challenge (WESC) Blog » Wow! WESC takes off!

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