Conference or Web ?

Communication between companies and customers is becoming increasingly personal and available through blogs, podcasts, online chats, video tutorials and other technologies. Are you using these technologies to find out about what’s new with the technologies and services you care about ?

How do you want to get information about Microsoft embedded products ? – There are a number of choices…

I’m interested in finding out how you want to hear from us, and better still, how you want to provide feedback and comments directly to the mobile and embedded development teams.

Over to you…

– Mike

Comments (5)

  1. Bálint Kátay says:

    I use:

    – MSDN

    – Your Blog

    – Newsgroups

    – Video tutorials

    – channel9

    – other websites (ex.: windowsfordevices)

    The live events are physically too far from me :(.

    I think that your blog and the newgroups are good feedback mechanisms.


  2. Jeff Parker says:

    I am pretty much the same in the same order.

    Well maybe I would put Mike Halls Blog above MSDN for news.

    Which BTW I am still waiting to find out what you did with this.

    How is it, the development system give us a review.

  3. Jeff Parker says:

    Oh yeah and if you want to know I do live in the US, I am fairly available, but your blog is the most convenient. A lot of times the web casts are during working hours. Well I can;t do it then.

    The MSDN conferences, I believe it was the mobility road show. Someone really needs to fix these road show registrations. Maybe you can pass this on to the right person Mike for me but the last 4 MSDN road tours, road shows I have missed because… Get the notices in email it is coming to my town. I check the dates all is good I am free. I go to sign up, enter in the code presented to me I get some error about show not available, No show with that number, and it is the number in the email and on the website when I go there. So I have to wait a few days which usually means I have to wait until a day or 2 before the show I go to register and the Show is full. Frustrating Mike, really frustrating. I am starting to just delete those mails without reading them anymore cause whats the point of trying to register. I will just stick with Mike Halls Weblog. It is reliable content.

  4. Mike says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Oh, yes, the .netcpu – Yes, I will write up the experience and post shortly – been a little swamped over the last few weeks :O)

    – Mike

  5. Mike says:


    Can you e-mail me your e-mail address, and home/work address – I’ve spoken to the mobility events team, they are using a booking tool that is known to have some problems, if you can let me know which event you tried to sign up for (location/dates) then they can hopefully determine the cause of the problem.

    Thanks for letting me know about the issue.

    – Mike

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