ActiveSync 3.8 available for download…

In case you missed the near silent roll out of ActiveSync 3.8, here’s the details and download locations…

Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8 is the latest synchronization software for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphones. ActiveSync 3.8 contains a set of security enhancements that provide a more secure syncing experience with a Windows PC, specifically:

  • Windows XP SP2 security pop up warnings that appear the first time a Windows Mobile devices is docked have been eliminated.
  • Remote PC Sync (via Wifi or LAN) is turned off by default. However, users can turn this functionality back on by navigating to File > Connection Settings and checking "Allow network (Ethernet)..."

Update Availability:

The ActiveSync 3.8 update is currently available in:

– Mike


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  1. In the past, when upgrading ActiveSync on a machine with VS .NET that is used for building Pocket PC apps, after upgrading ActiveSync, you needed to reinstall VS .NET, or go through a number of other hoops to be able to continue using VS .NET to deploy CF applications to your POcket PC over ActiveSync. Is that still the case with this version of ActiveSync? I do not relish dealing with that just now…

  2. Mike says:

    good question, I’m not sure, but I will check…

    – Mike

  3. Mike says:

    it looks like this is a known issue when removing and installing ActivSync versions 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 or 3.71 – I’ve just upgraded my laptop to 3.8 and can still write/deploy applications from Visual Studio .NET 2003.

    See below for more information.

    "BUG: Cannot Deploy Smart Device Application After You Remove and Reinstall ActiveSync"


    program filesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET 2003CompactFrameworkSDKWinCE UtilitiesReadme.htm

    I uninstalled ActiveSync and then reinstalled it. Now I can’t deploy my application. How do I fix this?

    Issue: After uninstalling ActiveSync version 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 or 3.71, deploying fails with the error message "There were deployment errors. Continue?” This typically happens when one version of ActiveSync is uninstalled and a newer version is installed.

    Solution: Uninstalling these versions of ActiveSync removes some registry settings that are required for deployment. You must restore these registry settings to enable deployment.

    To restore the registry settings

    1. Import ProxyPorts.reg. to the registry.

    Note ProxyPorts.reg is located by default in Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET 2003CompactFrameworkSDKWinCE UtilitiesWinCE Proxy Ports Reg.

    2. Remove the device from the cradle and replace it. If deployment still does not work, soft-reboot the device.

    – Mike

  4. LesCoke says:

    I have a Windows CE.Net 4.2 device, I’m having difficulties getting a partnership for activesync. Whne I click activesync, I get a dialog saying that I must first setup a partnership. There is another program called SetPartnership, but all fields are grayed, and it does not appear to talk to my desktop activesync. The Win CE version of activesync is strange compared to the version on PocketPC 2003.

    I have had zero difficulties with the PPC2003 version of activesync.

    What software / steps am I missing?

    This Win CE.Net 4.2 device does not have USB, only Serial and Ethernet.

  5. Mike says:

    If you run hyperterminal on the desktop and run the activesync client on the Windows CE device do you see "CLIENT" being sent from the Windows CE device to the desktop ?

    – Mike

  6. LesCoke says:

    I did during my testing. but not while using ActiveSync or SetPartnership. I only see the CLIENT messages when trying to do a network connection using the serial port from "Network and Dialup connections".


  7. LesCoke says:

    Wahoo! I finally got it to work. This device has a strange setup. Friday night, I found in the devices user manual that activesync required that I first install and use a partnershipServer.exe program on my desktop and run setPartnership on the device. This is a loner evaluation device and they neglected to send any software. The manual said that I could download it from their website, but it just wasn’t there.

    I found that the activeSync shortcut points to Async.asy. After googling for several hours I was convince I would find the activesync shortcut set to repllog /remote but it wasn’t.

    I found that I could use a CF card to transfer files to/from the device, but got to a point where I really need a debug session.

    Looking at one of my working devices I saw that the activesync shortcut was set to repllog.

    I then discovered that the loaner device had a pc-link shortcut and it was mapped to repllog instead. After setting the control-panel to use the serial cable connection where I saw the CLIENT messages with hyperterminal, I managed to get activesync on my desktop to respond and allow me to create a partnership.

    Nothing in their manual said I could use the pc-link shortcut to create the activesync partnersip. With the name PC-LInk I expected to need some other software on my desktop.

    I watched some of your videos, I liked the one on the 10 minute CE 5.0 platform builder. I have an old thin client terminal that runs CE, I will have to dig it out and play.



  8. sanane says:


  9. foxy miggins says:

    Unfortunately it doesnt work with windows 98

  10. foxy miggins says:

    Unfortunately it doesnt work with windows 98

  11. foxy miggins says:

    Unfortunately it doesnt work with windows 98

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