What about documentation ?

Windows CE 5.0 and Windows XP Embedded SP2 ship with a ton of online documentation, but, do the products ship with the *right* documentation, or enough documentation for you to build and deploy the operating system images you need for your device ?

If you’re using Windows CE 5.0 or Windows XP Embedded SP2 are there any areas you think need to be updated, or even written for the documentation as it currently stands ?

Also, did you know that for Windows CE 5.0 you can provide feedback on any documentation item directly to the documentation team ? – just look for the “Send Feedback” link at the bottom of any documentation page.


So, let us know what content you need either in documentation, technical articles, online chats…

– Mike

Comments (4)

  1. The hardest thing I have to deal with is knowing which items apply everywhere and which items only apply to specific SKUs — Uniscribe being my #1 example.

  2. Will says:

    I think there needs to be more coverage on practical, real-world methods of getting images onto embedded devices. There’s tons of information on how to create an image that will boot on a second hard drive of the development machine, but practically none on creating an image to be placed on a CF card or a small drive that is then used on a SBC.

  3. There needs to be some sort of dependency graph that shows what components depend upon what to eliminate the extensive trial and error method of minimizing the XPe target footprint. I also second the request for increased coverage of how to create an image for actual use in the embedded target.

  4. Susan [Windows Mobile doc team] says:

    Will – I talked with our BSP writer about your comment. Her response:

    "We don’t have docs for the scenarios Will mentions (placing an image on a CF card or a small drive) for a variety of reasons: Windows CE doesn’t provide the functionality. We only provide documentation for boards that we provide BSPs for. If a customer is using a development board that we either do not support or they bought from third-parties, we really cannot tell them how to download an image to X or Y for board A or B because the matrix will just be gigantic.

    For the boards that we do support and provide BSPs for, the downloading scenario that we usually support is downloading the image to flash memory. However, I will investigate whether we support downloading the images to another media also (or if it’s even possible), and then try and address this in the docs for the a future Windows CE release if the answer is yes."

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