Windows CE Video Tutorials available for download…

Hey, excellent news, the Windows CE 5.0 video tutotials are now available for download – when you download the files, run the installer (or open the .ZIP and extract the .WMV files directly) – if you go for the .MSI install process then you should simply run the default.htm to run the tutorial.

– Mike

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  1. shiv shankar says:

    hi great to download videos ….wud be much better if we could download all winCE 5.0 videos .

    great work microsoft.



  2. Karen (Windows Embedded Web site manager) says:

    Hi Shiv:

    We’re in the process of getting the rest of the videos into downloadable form. I’m sure Mike will blog about it when they’re all done.

    You can also find links to the downloadable files on the Tutorials page ( where you’ll also find a brief description of the tutorial (more information to go by than just the file name). Any videos that have a downloadable version will have an "Available for download" link next to them. We’ll keep updating this page as more videos become available for download.

    Thanks for the site feedback.

  3. WebClerk says:


    I like the video which provider by you.

    Thanks !!!!!!

  4. matze says:

    Download the Tutorials is great! Why dont you make some more? Something about BSP generating or Bootloader?

  5. Mike says:


    We have some more tutorials planned – I will ping the BSP/Bootloader guy to see if he’s available to record a session – what aspects of BSP or bootloader interest you ?

    – Mike

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