Windows CE ChallengE – what’s up with the Europeans ?

The Windows Embedded Student ChallengE has close to 100 teams signed up, interestingly there are not many European teams at this point – what’s up with that ???

The deadline for signing up a team is extended to Feb 6th 2005 – So, come on European chaps, get a team together, sign up, and have some fun building cool and interesting embedded projects. It would be especially good to see a team from the south of England (perhaps even the University of Portsmouth!!) sign up…

– Mike

Comments (2)

  1. artur02 says:

    I think most of the European students (as myself) are preparing for Imagine Cup. The IC is widely promoted, while the ChallengeE is just mentioned.

  2. Since IC is global, and the ChallengE is global, there shouldn’t be a difference. 🙂

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