Project Socrates – Learning Embedded Systems with Windows CE

Jim Y Wilson is working on Project Socrates, this is a project that uses Windows CE to teach embedded system development, it looks like the content is designed for students but would also be useful for anyone getting started with Windows CE development.

So who is “Jim Y Wilson” – this from the Socrates web site – First and foremost I am an engineer.  More specifically a software engineer.  Though we are often the mules of the technology world, I can’t think of a more enjoyable, more noble a profession than that of engineering.  If you are an engineering student, I truly believe that you have chosen the right profession.  And thankfully, unlike some professions, ours is one that can provide a reasonable living.  

To get a feel for the content being devleoped, check out the Socrates Proposal Draft

Looks like this would be an interesting site to monitor – I wonder whether Jim could add an RSS feed to the site so that we can see what’s new/changed…

– Mike


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