Windows CE – Telnet/Remote Shell

I’d be interested in your feedback on the following question… Windows CE supports a Telnet server (SYSGEN_TELNETD) which can be password protected, the only problem with Telnet is that the username and password are sent as clear text, so Telnet isn’t secure (anything that requires clear text username and password isn’t secure). If you’re building/developing…


VS2005 – Hey where are my Remote Tools ?

If you’ve been using eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 or Platform Builder to write/test applications then you’ve probably been using some of the Remote Tools (File Viewer, Heap Walker [always reminds me of Star Wars!], Process Viewer etc…) – You could find these utilities on the Tools menu in Platform Builder or eMbedded Visual C++. Here’s…


What tutorials do you want to see ?

After posting a couple of tutorials recently (Visual Studio 2005 and Windows CE 5.0 [managed and native]) and building a headless device with HTTP Web Server there have been a couple of requests for additonal tutorials, these are… Windows CE Headless Device with Telnet – show how to add authentication Windows CE Headless Device supporting…


January 2006, WE-DIG, Date/Content – Build an ARM Emulator in an hour!

Note that January’s WE-DIG meeting has moved to the SECOND Wednesday of the month (January 11th) – this is because most of the “Diggers” will be at CES in Las Vegas (I’m hoping that this January isn’t going to be as cold as last year!) Here’s The content for Jan’s meeting – and yes, we’re planning…


Windows CE 5.0 – Headless Tutorial Posted.

I was planning on recording the headless device tutorial during the Christmas break, but had a few spare minutes at the end of the day on Monday, so pulled this together before leaving the office – I think you can see my desktop clock in the video. I needed to edit the video to remove…


Embedded World – Nürnberg, Germany Feb 2006

I’m going to be presenting at Embedded World Nürnberg, Germany Feb 14-17 2006 – My session is on the 14th. Let me know whether you’re going to be at Embedded World, perhaps drop by the Microsoft booth if you have some time – I was at Embedded World a couple of years ago, it was odd…


Podcast (Video) Interview with Erick Eidus – 10 years of mobility.

Have you wondered how things have changed over the last 10 years – I caught up with Erick Eidus who’s been working with mobile devices for the last 10 years, check out his first Smartphone and PDA and then compare to the latest gadgets. Here’s a direct link to the video (22MB) and of course…


Post # 1000 – Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year !

So, here it is, blog post number 1000, I’ve been wondering what to put in here, but given the time of year I thought I would simply wish my readers (both of them) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! – Mike


VS 2005 and Windows CE 5.0 – Where’s my emulator ?

After posting two Visual Studio 2005 tutorial videos I’ve received a couple of questions about the Windows CE Emulator – eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 and Visual Studio 2003 both shipped with a Windows CE Emulator based on a configuration of Windows CE that was somewhat close to the Internet Appliance operating system configuration, this was a good starting point…


Windows CE 5.0 – Headless Tutorial.

Today I recorded a video that shows how to build, boot, and test a Windows CE 5.0 “headless” O/S image using the Windows CE Emulator – Yes, you can boot a “headless” image using the emulator, you simply don’t get any UI in the emulator image. I used the Virtual Switch to allow inbound connections…