Master Chief now has a friend in the office…

Just in time for “the holidays” Master Chief gets a friend, The “Channel 9 Guy”


I plan on taking the Channel 9 guy to CES with me, so look out for the “C9 Guy” from CES…

– Mike

Comments (5)

  1. Rod Paddock says:

    Where did you get the Master Chief ?

    I gotta have one.


  2. The only other blog to read, apart from Mike’s of course:

  3. Mike says:

    I got my Master Chief from EB Games in Redmond Town Center, their Web Site is – for some reason the "Halo Action Figures" page is down right now, a quick search on Google, err, I mean MSN Search found the following site –

    Does this mean that you don’t want a Channel9 guy ?

    – Mike

  4. Steve says:

    I got mine from he is hiding in my USB powered Christmas tree right now. I too am also getting a Channel 9 guy but he won’t be here until the New Year.

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