Compact Framework 2.0 Beta – what’s new ?

If you’ve been programming against the .NET Compact Framework 1.0 (and if you haven’t, then shame on you!) then you probably have a wish list of classes that would have been nice to have in the 1.0 product (like serial support for instance), those nice chaps over at MSDN now have a listing for what’s new or changed in the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Beta – check out the list of changes here.

What features do you think are missing from the .NET Compact Framework class library ?

– Mike

Comments (2)

  1. John Misuraca says:

    One thing that would really help is the addition of the Validate property. just like it is on the Full Frameworks.

  2. ali rihani says:

    guys, one thing about the link:

    it says:


    Note that there is a new way to determine, in the .NET Framework Class Library Reference, which members of a class are supported in the .NET Compact Framework. On the member summary topic for a class, such as AppDomain, click Members Options at the top of the page, and then select .NET Compact Framework Members Only checkbox. "

    where is Members Options ?? All i needed to check is whether we can (in .NET CF 2.0) load assemblies in a domain neutral area used by multiple AppDomains.

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