Windows XP Embedded SP2 Tutorials.

Windows XP Embedded SP2 is now available for download – this provides a number of updates from Windows XP Embedded SP1, including Hibernate Once Resume Many (HORM), updates to the Enhanced Write Filter, all of the XP Pro security updates (Security Center, Firewall etc…) and more…

If you’re interested in seeing what’s new with Windows XP Embedded SP2 then you should go take a look at the XPE SP2 Tutorials page on MSDN.

– Mike 

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  1. Bassam Haidar says:

    No Comment

  2. suspend once, resume many (SORM) says:

    IBM got the patent for SORM and I believe it covers HORM. Would customer has to license from IBM to use HORM?

    Isaac Hsu

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