FeedBurner: RSS Reader for Smartphone

FeedBurner MFR 2 Windows MobileRSS Feeds come to Smartphone – Handango have the FeedBurner RSS Reader for Smartphone going for about $8.00. Pretty cool, eh? – this could be useful for getting news headlines or status information from your servers etc…

The FeedBurner Mobile FeedReader is a great tool for getting the latest changes in your favorite news sites or weblogs. Supports feeds in all major formats (RSS, RDF, and Atom) Smart "If-Modified-Since" content retrieval conserves your wireless bandwdith Adjustable content retrieval count (i.e., retrieve only the 5 most recent items to save time/bandwidth) cuts download time and clutter Opens content links in your handset''''s default web browser Updates feeds manually or on a set schedule Displays content in several font sizes The trial version allows for unlimited use of feeds from FeedBurner.com, and up to 4 feeds from other sources. The licensed version allows for unlimited use of RSS/Atom feeds from all sources.

– Mike

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