Akimbo – the next gadget to try out…

No that I have the XBOX Media Center Extender up and running it’s time for me to try out some more gadgets – some time later this week I plan on grabbing one of the new MSN TV boxes from one of the guys on the team and have a look at simple this is to setup and use – this would be ideal for some of the family members back in the UK that aren’t as computer literate as they could/should be – the idea of having a super simple TV based device that gives access to e-mail, web browsing, media, and photo’s is pretty neat – More on this later in the week (once I get the box up and running).

Also, I have the chance to play around with a broadband Set Top Box from Akimbo – this is a device that downloads TV programs and films to your set top box for playback on demand, this is an interesting model for delivery of TV and Films – unlike the regular TV providers that show programs at scheduled times the Akimbo box gives you the ability to download the programs and films you want to watch, and when you want to watch them – More on this later in the week (once I get the box up and running).

At this point in time I’m still really pleased with my Comcast DVR HD Set Top Box – The box hasn’t missed recording a single program so far, the UI is simple and easy to use – and the box really does feel like a consumer box, it’s easy for the kids (and wife) to find programs, schedule programs to record and play back programs – some items that I miss from the Media Center PC are Photo’s and Music – it would be neat to integrate the funcationality of MSN TV and the Comcast DVR STB together.

– Mike

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