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I’ve recorded a number of videos for MSDN Channel 9, and thought it would be good to keep a listing of all the videos in one place, so here’s the Mikehall Channel 9 Video Page

I have some more videos coming out over the next couple of weeks covering Windows XP Embedded SP2, and an interview with Don Box [I’m also hoping to get the out takes from a couple of these videos posted to MSDN Channel 9, watch this space for more information].

– Mike

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  1. William Luu says:

    Mike, why not create a Wiki page for each presenter on Channel9’s Wiki?

    For each presenter you can do a list of all of their interviews on Channel9.

    For each video-host, do a list of all videos they’ve hosted, etc…

    (Just another way to manage mountains of information 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Interesting idea…

    I initially wanted to get all the videos I’ve recorded for MSDN Channel 9 in one place, especially the mobile and embedded videos.

    There are some additional videos with people like Ori Amiga that I would like to point to from my blog to make it easy for folks that are interested in mobile or embedded technologies to find the videos that might be interesting for them.

    – Mike

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