Comcast PVR STB

Yesterday I swapped out my Comcast digital set top box for the new Comcast PVR digital set top box, it rocks! – the box supports recording regular and HD programs, I recorded “The Matrix” in HD last night, this took 12% of the H/D, I don’t think it will take long to fill the H/D with content, especially when Sponge Bob and Jimmy Neutron make their way into the recording schedule. the menu system is ‘ok’ [I still prefer the Media Center UI] – the UI is good enough for the kids to have figured out how to schedule programs without having to be shown how to use it.

Check out the video of the STB here.

Interestingly, the main menu has a “Microsoft TV” logo in the top right corner of the screen – I need to find out more about the Microsoft technologies being used in the STB.

– Mike

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