Comcast PVR STB – More information…

doing a little digging around the Microsoft Web Site I found the following…

The interesting thing on the MSTV web page is…

Use powerful tools to create new applications.

The Microsoft TV Tools Suite is based on industry leading Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET developer tools. It includes sample templates for content authoring, sample code for managed applications like games, and an easy-to-use debugging environment with an emulator to mimic the behavior on a real set-top box. The Tools Suite includes a designer tool for creating managed content and a plug-in for Visual Studio .NET for creating managed applications. Millions of developers are familiar with the Visual Studio development system.

– Mike

Comments (4)

  1. Mr. But says:


    It crashes. A lot. Three times last night in the guide, and once while simply viewing TV.


    -Mr. But

  2. Mike says:

    Interesting, I wonder how many other people are experiencing the same problem…

    It’s early days for me, I will log any problems I experience with the STB.

    – Mike

  3. Had ours for a couple of weeks and like Mike, I think it rocks! I’m especially impressed by its speed compared to the old box, and what I think is a very intuitive UI. I’ve never seen a "crash". What does a crash look like, Mr But?

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