Smartphone Screen Capture ?

Are you writing applications for Smartphone ? – if so, you will probably want to write some documentation for your application(s), right ? – but how do you capture images from the Smartphone ?

One option is to use the Remote Display application (this is part of the Windows Mobile PowerToys), capture the desktop window and crop out the image, there’s also a neat utility for capturing images directly on the phone, here’s a link to the SmartSS application.

– Mike

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  1. Bryan Hall says:

    This is a bit off topic, but since you brought up writing applications for SmartPhones… It would be really useful to have a list of which SmartPhonevendor combinations allow developers to write code and run it on the phone. It seems that many vendors lock down the devices that they sell with code signing andor prevent access to things like data services. If this list does not exist, maybe we can gather input from SmartPhone developers and create one.

  2. Bryan Hall says:

    Thanks Mike. I was not aware of the MobileToMarket program, but it looks great!

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