Christmas is coming – Gift Ideas ?

Need some cool and interesting gift ideas for this Christmas, how about a Binary watch, or a room sentry – just a couple of ideas from New Scientist… Check these out…

Binary Wrist Watch Room Defender

There are also suggestions such as a submarine visit to the Titanic, or a tour of Cern, perhaps slightly more than your average stocking filler.

– Mike


Comments (4)

  1. Digger Ronald says:

    How about a Powerball? helps against those RSI pain in your wrists.

  2. timts says:

    anybody creates those stuff are not "scientists" for sure.

  3. Powerballs are pretty fun and make great presents for folks that don’t need or want anything, and appreciate a novelty toy type device. I wouldn’t claim any medical effects, but if they help you, that’s great! I understand that they were big last year in the UK. Not sure about the US.

  4. Mark Dupont says:

    Well, they just released an xmas page at – at least it’s brief and rapid in terms of delivery. Too bad they switched the focus to Canadians mostly.

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