Robotic Pillow – Send a hug…

Hug robotic pillowFrom the New York Times and Engadget - There’s something totally, totally sad about the Hug, a new wireless-enabled pillow created by robotics researchers at Carnegie Mellon University that let’s you remotely send a hug to someone far away (it’s mainly meant as way for grandparents and grandchildren to “stay in touch”. Basically you have one person squeeze the left paw of their Hug, then say the name of the person they want to send the hug to. It then automatically calls up the Hug owned by the corresponding person, who then squeezes the left paw of their Hug to accept the hug and create a direct link between the two pillows. Then each person can use sensors to…ok, this is getting way too creepy. Just read the article.

Hmm, makes you wonder how the brainstorming sessions went to get this off the ground...

"Hey, I've got this brilliant idea.... How about creating a Robotic Pillow..."

- Mike

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  1. I won’t digress too much, but there was an actual company in California (San Luis Obispo) that generated two such devices modelling various portions of the human anatomy. They worked over a standard network connection and allowed, well, I’m assuming you get me at this point.

    The company couldn’t produce their devices to a technically sufficient level for people to pay for them, and eventually some slack company bought the rights to the devices and made a rather large joke of the entire thing. I know a lot of people visited the site that was put up as a joke, but I’m aware of hardly anyone knowing the original intention was not as a joke, but an actual device.

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