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Windows XP Embedded ships with around 10,000 components, approx 8,000 of these components are device drivers - Windows CE 5.0 ships with drivers for a core set of hardware reference boards - we often hear that developers need more drivers for Windows CE - now is your chance to provide feedback, what hardware components do you need drivers for that isn't already supported by Windows CE [and no, don't just say you want the desktop drivers ported over ].

- Mike

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  1. Adam says:

    Is the request for desktop drivers common? Could it be that your customers are saying that they’d want binary compatibility with WDM drivers and the like rather than CE’s own driver model/driver library?

  2. Mike says:

    We do get requests to take existing desktop drivers and support them "as is" without any need to recode/compile the source – the Windows CE driver model is not the same as Windows desktop though – so the question was more around which hardware components (networking, communications, video, camera, other…) you need to be supported in Windows CE 5.0 that’s not currently there, and would therefore require you write the driver or modify some of the driver source that we ship with the product.

    – Mike

  3. I would like to see a "how to port your Windows driver to Windows CE" guide.

  4. Jeff Parker says:

    Well I tell you what, I asked you for this before like some links to some motors some servos and stuff that can all just be plugged in and run, thats one of the hardest things to find. I think you would see some robotics coming out with some real power by the amatures more if there were a set of common drivers like that.

    More practical and not just fun.

    We use XP embeded decices mounted on forklifts to run bar code scanners which then send data to webservices. But you have to have a forklift with you to read bar codes, these are large automotive bar codes not small ones like on soup cans and so on. Would be nice to have this ability in a CE device, but havent found a Industrial bar code scanner for CE yet. These scanners are large long range scanners like where someone can read a bar code from a box stacked in the top of a factory shop floor. Think automotive large stacks of engines in crates loaded in a semi and the guy wants to know whats in there without climbing into the back of a trailer. We use a lot of intermec but they have nothing like that in the hand held CE, those are all pen like scanners. Why that is I do not know but I have never found any drivers for the large ones for CE so I am assuming that is why, but do not know for sure. But anyway some inherant CE and XP drivers for these would probably help competition, intermecs prices are outrageous.

  5. CG says:

    Any standard to link to Industrial Grade camera?

  6. David V. says:

    I would like to see more "Video Capture" drivers. Maybe with support for some of the more popular capture support hardware. Not just still image but more of the high end streaming (MP4) type stuff.

  7. Cohav Shuki says:

    hello mike

    my company use wince and we look for drivers for the listed items:

    1. VME Bus

    2. Gigabit Ethernet Lan from intel

    3. Support the updated chipset of intel

    4. Flashdisk drivers e.g. Diskonchip Msys


  8. wil blake says:

    Hi Mike,

    I would like to encounter a Windows CE drivers for wireless sensors. For example drivers for a full function Zigbee sensor node or a Motes node. This anticipates SD, CF, or PCMCIA adapters for these sensor interfaces.

    I would also like to find a CE driver for an RFID reader akin to the SocketCom RFID announcement earlier this year. This also anticipates CF or SD RFID adapters like those from Omron or Nokia.


    Wil Blake

  9. Oskar Berreteaga says:

    Hi Mike,

    Our customers are on the industrial automation area. Usually, we need DAQ boards with I/O, counters and timers. Therefore, we’d be really happy to see some drivers for those kind of boards (on PC/104, PC/104+ and PCI buses). I know it’s a too broad and unspecific request but some samples for some "standard" boards would help a lot.

    A CAN board driver would also be a very good thing to have. Furthermore, industrial fieldbus protocol stacks for CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, etc. would be just great, although they aren’t exactly drivers. Is it too much to ask for? 🙂

    Best regards


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