jkOnTheRun – Text input methods for Tablets and UPC’s

jkOnTheRun has an article that describes various input methods, keyboards, handwriting, speech, and alternatives, makes for an interesting read, especially if you’re interested in having Tablet PC functionality on small form factor Windows XP based devices. – Mike  


Windows XP Embedded SP2 – Live !!

Tonight at 9pm PST we released Windows XP Embedded SP2 to the web – here’s the download page Windows XP Embedded SP2 contains a ton of new features including all the security updates from SP2 on the desktop, firewall, No Execute, buffer overrun detection, Direct X 9, .NET Framework 1.1, Hibernate Once Resume Many (HORM),…


Windows XP Embedded SP2 – Interviews with Joe Morris

I managed to grab some time with Joe Morris a Lead Program Manager on the Windows XP Embedded team to discuss Windows XP Embedded SP2. There were two topics for discussion, both interviews have now been posted to MSDN Channel 9 What is Windows XP Embedded, and what’s new for embedded developers What security changes…


Don Box – Sound Test.

ok, here it is, the Don Box sound test over on MSDN Channel 9 – we were recording a session on giving a great demo and I wanted to make sure the sound was ok before recording the interview, I’m not sure Don wanted me to keep this snippet, but, hey… – Mike


Star Trek : New Voyages…

Do you miss the original Star Trek series, Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones Klingons ? – check out the Star Trek New Voyages ‘fan’ web site, this is a series of shows created and filmed by Star Trek fans, keeping the original characters but with new actors (obviously). Programs can take 30 minutes or so to…


Communication – where’s it going ?

I was thinking about the direction of communication last night, and sure enough an article on News.com turns up this morning which talks about video communication. So where is communication headed? – think about the changes from radio to black and white television, to color, to PVR, to portable video players – what’s changed in communication?…


Remember CEF [Common Executable Format] ?

I was merrily bashing away on a Compact Framework application for a demo this coming week when I had a flash-back to the Windows CE developers conference in the year 2000 – one of the advantages of the .NET Compact Framework is the portability of applications – the applications aren’t tied to a specific processor…


HP Bluetooth Headphones.

Gizmodo have an overview of the HP Bluetooth headphones on their site, HP have these listed on their site here. I was in a meeting a couple of weeks ago and one of the attendees walked into the room wearing a pair of these headphones – needless to say the meeting didn’t get started until…


Warthog – Peugeot Hoggar and Master Chief Armour.

Are you interested in owning a Halo Warthog ? – take a look at the Peugot Hoggar concept car (link on the right). I’ve also been asked about the Master Chief armour that featured in one of my earlier blogs – I’ve found a site that *appears* to have armour available, but the site appears…