Windows XP Embedded – Deploy Images to H/D

If you're working with Windows XP Embedded (or a Windows CE device that boots from H/D) then you may have been struggling with how to image the hard drive - I have a couple of small reference boards (ICOP and AMD) that both have 128MB RAM can boot from USB floppy, have networking etc... so I've been booting from USB floppy, running FDISK/format and then using MS-DOS networking to connect to my development PC and copy the XP Embedded O/S image to my reference board - this works, but is a little painful.

At this weeks Microsoft Robotics meeting Jack Creasey showed a USB/IDE cable he uses to deploy O/S image from his desktop/laptop - how very cool is that ! - plug the cable into your development PC, format the drive, copy the O/S image and you're done !

Here's an example cable from PCTek Online - the cable costs around $40 but might be worth the cost in time saving alone!

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- Mike

Comments (3)

  1. Brendan says:

    An external hard drive enclosure would enable the same thing for you.

    Before any sort of travel or service on my laptop, I yank out its hard drive, plug it into an enclosure (with a 40 to 42 pin ide adapter) and ghost it for safety sake.

  2. Dan McCarty says:

    Any suggestions for those of us building systems that boot from CF?

  3. circuit_breaker says:

    NewEgg has that and other brands for cheaper.. i saw that last week. gonna have to buy it soon. the other ones have a molex power adapter that feeds off of a wall jack i think (no 12v in USB, i dont think :D) but thats the best solution IMHO

    i want to use that to backup my laptop disks.. hope my converter will work w/the one i order

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