12:01am November 9th – Where will you be ?

Halo2 is set to take the world by storm on November 9th - those fabulous EB-Games folks are going to have their stores open at the stroke of Midnight on November 9th (Here's the list of stores) so folks can pick up their copies of Halo2 and be back home testing out the game - so what's first, multi-player XBOX Live or single player ? - I just wonder how many people will be calling in sick on the 9th so they can spend all day playing Halo2

- Mike

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  1. Justin Brown and James Jowers says:

    We will be absent from all life activities except for button pressing, explitive blurting, and intoxicating consumption. Work, School, and all women have been put on hold for this event. We have 20 Xboxes 5 Routers,1 T-3 grade connection and will be set up ready for the deadline. We vow not to sleep until this game is conquered on its hardest level.

    PARTICIPENTS: World’s Largest Sickday!


    Justin Brown and James Jowers

  2. Mike says:

    I feel a bit of a cough coming on, perhaps I should book a few sick days now, "just in case" ;O)

    – Mike

  3. Steve Hiner says:

    My wife is going on vacation for the week.

    I’m taking the whole week of to watch the kids.

    My parents are having a sleep-over for the kids Monday night.

    I figure I’ll be through the single player at least once by the time my wife gets back.

    Friday night my friends are already planning a little fragging party.

    Ah, sweet Halo 2. 😀

  4. David says:

    ill be sleeping. Im not getting halo 2 till 6:00 pm. It really sucks. Im going to LLLOOOVVVEEE the battlerifle. Best gun ever.

  5. Ashley says:

    "This is the best x-Box game of all time! It is a lot harder than Halo itself. I just got it at the stroke of midnight last night,because I had It reserved! (Ha,Ha!)

    It’s a blast!"

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