New Generation of handheld video/game players…

I've just seen an article on Engadget about the Playstation Portable (PSP) - IMVHO the device looks pretty darn cool (photo below) - it looks like the PSP will retail for around $200. As for battery life, Sony has gone on record to promise “between four and six hours for game titles and continuous four to five hours for video viewing.”

sony psp






It's interesting to see how the combination of embedded processor and battery technology are now getting to the point where devices like the PSP and PMC (Portable Media Center [image below]) are providing enough power to last a flight from Seattle to New York.

Portable Media Center

Pocket PC and Smartphone devices also have the ability to play music, play games, play video, keep your calendar and inbox sync'd, and make phone calls - so what's the right device for me to carry ? - do I carry a Tablet PC for when I'm coding on the go, a Pocket PC/Smartphone for e-mail/calendar sync on the go, SPOT watch for news/stock/weather/IM/calendar, PMC for sync'd TV shows and "all my music/photo's/home videos", and a PSP for games ?

I thought mobility was about carrying less, with all of the above devices, their power supplies, carrying cases etc... I'm totally loaded down - so does it make sense to have just one device that does it all ?

- Mike

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  1. Bálint Kátay says:

    What is the operating system of the Portable Media Centers? CE? I didn’t found too much "background" information about this device on the Can you tell us some details?

  2. Mike says:

    Sure, the Portable Media Center is available from a number of manufacturers, take a look here for more information

    You can also see the Portable Media Center in action here –

    Portable Media Centers are running Windows CE 5.0.

    – Mike

  3. Bálint Kátay says:

    It’s ok, I saw that page, but I wanted to know some fact about he opsys and hardware. What is inside the box?

  4. Mike says:

    The operating system is Windows CE 5.0, the device has a 20GB hard drive to store media, music, photo’s etc… – Portable Media Center is running on an ARM Based Processor.

    Anything else you need to know ?

    – Mike

  5. Bálint Kátay says:

    no, thanks for your reply.

  6. Steven says:


    When do they come to the U.S.A?

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