Robotics Programming Framework.

I received an e-mail from one of the guys attending the Embedded RFP in Cambridge (remember that?), the mail describes an initiative to develop a programming framework for robots using a managed programming language (C# or VB.NET) - Take a look at the details of the project here

- Mike

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  1. Smeghead says:

    How appropriate is C# for this? What about memory handling performance for this? Wont that be an issue? Will there be a special .net build for embedded stuff in the future?

  2. Stewart Tansley says:

    I am very interested to see people try this approach from the University of Pisa and see how it fares in practice — experience is the best answer to Smeg’s questions. I would also highlight another approach from UPenn:

    Contemporary robots vary in sophistication a great deal. The above architectures are perhaps best appropriate for the more complex ones where a lot of high level processing is being carried out — robots don’t have to be hard real-time throughout their entire system.

    However, C# works surprisingly well even for processing lots of live data — you should see it with managed DirectX for example. Anything using a CLR (in either .NET or Compact Framework) today though is not *hard* real-time, so you have to p/invoke (for example) — and there are no plans I know of to change this.

    See also this article: For another view, see

  3. Mike says:

    There are a number of "embedded" devices that need hard real time based on Windows CE, the majority of these are using native code for the real-time aspect of the device, but, that said you should check out this MSDN paper (written by Maarten Struys from PTS Software) that shows real-time applications can perhaps be written using the compact framework –

    – Mike

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