Red Sox – World Series…

I flew into San Jose last night and headed over to the Santa Clara convention center to check out the hands on labs for the Windows Embedded Summit that's running at the ARM Developers Conference today - the bar at the hotel was full of people watching a baseball game between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees.

HISTORIC COMEBACK - Red Sox beat Yankees, move to World Series

I guess the Red Sox won the game - so this means that the Red Sox are in the "World" Series, so as a "Brit" I'm curious to discover which countries are invited to take part in the "World" series - interestingly, the list is not as long as you might think...

- Mike

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  1. American says:

    At least the U.S.A. isn’t arrogant enough to put the word "Great" in the title of its country. "Great Britain?"

  2. Mike says:

    Good Point ! – I prefer "United Kingdom", showing that we’re one big happy family 🙂

    – Mike

  3. Nate says:

    I heard that the ‘World’ in ‘World Series’ originally referred to the New York World, an early sponsor of baseball, and eventually it changed to "World’s Series" and then "World Series"

    Frankly I think it would be cool if Japanese and Dominican Teams participate, but since the USA seems to poach all of their best talent I wonder how good it would actually be.

  4. FL says:

    So Mike, why isn’t it a "Queendom" these days?

  5. DarthPedro says:

    Well, the world’s best baseball players participate in MLB and the World Series. They just happen to all play on American teams. 🙂

  6. Digger-Ronald says:

    The word “Great” in “Great Brittan” has a different meaning than implied a couple of responses ago; In this case “Great” or Greater, describes a collection of different areas.. much the same as “United” in “United States”.

  7. bdigdoggity says:

    Any country can apply for an expansion team in Major League Baseball. Mexico City is trying to get a team, and Puerto Rico hosted several of the Montreal Expos’s (Washington Expos?) games.

    Does every country on Earth have to be represented in ‘football’s’ World Cup? Where do you draw the line?

  8. Mike Edwards says:

    You know what they say:

    When we had an Empress, we were an Empire.

    When we had a King, we were a Kingdom.

    Then we got Maggie Thatcher, and we were a country.

  9. Dan McCarty says:

    While the teams might not be very global–wouldn’t it be nice to get some Japanese and South American teams involved?–the players sure are. Between the Red Sox, Yankees, Astros and Cardinals there were probably half a dozen different countries represented.

  10. John Traynor says:

    Actually, the relationship between a newspaper and the name of MLB’s championship is an urban legend. Like others, I unwittingly propogated it because I was hopeful Americans weren’t quite that self-impressed. Of course, keep in mind that it hasn’t always been a US team to win the World Series (oh how fondly I remember the Toronto Blue Jays of 1992 and 1993). But alas…see for a decent history of the name of the series, which debunks the "New York World News" myth.

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