CETK Test Fest – Tools and Managed Code.

Today is turning out to be a busy day - the morning got started with a presentation on Application Verifier, creating custom CETK tests, device drivers, and Win32 applications - one of the questions that came out of the discussion was whether Application Verifier could be used on Managed applications (C# or VB.NET applications) - the answer is no, you can't use Application Verifier against Managed code applications - There are tools that you can use though, check out FXCop

FxCop is a code analysis tool that checks .NET managed code assemblies for conformance to the Microsoft .NET Framework Design Guidelines. It uses reflection, MSIL parsing, and callgraph analysis to inspect assemblies for more than 200 defects in the following areas:

  • Library design
  • Localization
  • Naming conventions
  • Performance
  • Security

This afternoon I fly to Santa Clara to present at the ARM Developers Conference - that Doug Boling fella is also going to be there, I think we're planning on tag-teaming the Application Development and Windows CE 5.0 sessions at the event. Tonight we get to stay up late and build/test the hands on lab PC's at the event (thankfully a handful of TSG [Microsoft Event Technical Support Group] will be on hand to build the network, run Ghost and assist with any lab issues] - which reminds me, I've not finished writing the XML Web Server we're using in the Application Development Lab - I'm guessing the flight time to San Jose is about three hours, that should be more than enough to write the server code. We're presenting pretty much all day Thursday- I have a flight back to Seattle late Thursday evening ready to jump into various meetings and SE training sessions on Friday.

- Mike

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