Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 – Launched.

Windows XP Media Center 2005 is all over the news today - check out some of the stories - Sony, HP, Toshiba, Dell, and others are all launching their latest PC's running Windows XP Media Center 2005 - photo's from the launch, including the HP device below (click the image for a larger image).



It's good to see that manufacturers are starting to build Media Center devices that look like they should fit into an existing media stack along with an amplifier, xbox, cable/satelite box. I'd like to get a fairly powerful media center box and have RDP clients and media center extenders littered about the house (perhaps not the bathroom though Steve!)

I'm going through the process of upgrading my HP 864 Media Center PC, adding an nVidia FX5700 card, a second hard drive (I might go for an external USB 2.0 or 1394 drive, something like this - the HP 864 Media Center has cabling for an additional H/D but doesn't have the housing, I've currently got a 2nd H/D hanging inside the case, not ideal) - I've not had any experience of external Hard Drives connected over USB 2.0 or 1394, if you have any good/bad experiences do let me know.

- Mike


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  1. says:

    Right now, it is not clear how much is achieved by the software platform (i.e. XP Media Center) vs. the hardware platforms (e.g. HP, Sony, etc.).

    MSFT got indeed the closest to its TV in the box vision (will this give Tivo a run on the popularity/adoption?), yet converting users, at these price, into buyers is not trivial. Building capabilities in software for so many applications, in theory, should make it attractive for consumers to adopt.

    The biggest remaining questions still come from 1) hardware vendors and 2) content creators/owners… The content owners’ apprehension may be overcome by adequate digital rights management–though, not exclusively at the expense of the consumers’ freedom. The hardware vendors, among others imperatives, ought to come around at connecting their devices.

    All in all a welcome step towards digital convergence.

    P.S. Judging from the picture of the HP box, one can realize there is still some work to be done in figuring out the place for the media center: in the basement or in the living room.

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