Got the Jitters this morning…

After reading Charlie Kindel's Blog on home servers I decided to read further down the blog to see if there were any other interesting posts - I noticed that Charlie frequents "Jitters" coffee houses rather than Starbucks (I couldn't find a web page for Jitters, so if you know of one, let me know).

The Jitters coffee wasn't as bitter as my usual Starbucks, but also wasn't as hot as it could have been - it's interesting to see a pile of Jitters clothing available for sale in the store - I might give Jitters another try tomorrow, just to see if the beverage is as good as todays...

- Mike

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  1. Nick says:

    Kind of interesting… I didn’t realize that Jitters was a chain. There was here in Wauwatosa, WI (suburb of Milwaukee) for a while that I used to frequent. But then a Starbucks moved in about a block away and Jitters didn’t last too long.

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