Calling all Developers – Are you interested in creating new channels for SPOT ?

Calling All Developers Calling All Developers
The Microsoft Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) group is looking for talented developers to create 'Channel' applications for the Smart Watch initiative, with payment of up to $10,000. Deadline: Oct. 11, 2004.   

- Mike

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    hmm, didn’t know Microsoft made a smart watch? Is it available to buy? Also what languages are they looking to go into this smart watch? .net I am hoping

  2. Mike says:

    Yes, it’s called the MSN Direct Watch, also known as the SPOT watch – check out the video here –

    or the MSN Direct site –

    The watch runs "TinyCLR", so the apps on the watch are written in C#.

    – Mike

  3. Another Mike says:


    Is it be possible to design the watch to rely on shortwave frequencies/transmitters instead? Then, the SPOT watch could go worldwide (vs. FM). I’m somewhat familiar with AM and FM carriers, but not with the shortwave frequencies…

  4. Mike says:

    All SPOT watches use side band FM. This seems to be a good fit for the devices, if I’m in Boston then I get local transmittion of weather, news (and local time), this is quite useful, and fits with the FM transmission.

    – Mike

  5. Another Mike says:

    Okay, I understand about using the side bands on FM. But shortwave also has sidebands (upper and lower), and I was thinking more of international locations…such as if you went to Europe with the watch, it could get its data from the BBC on the shortwave bands. WRNO (New Orleans,LA), WWV (the time standards station Fort Collins, CO, at 5, 10 and 15 MHz), BBC, Radio Taipai are strong signals that come to mind. Maybe the localization of weather info would have be a secondary feature to news, unless you could notify the watch what country you were in, and then it could pull appropriate info off of MSN direct. I would think it would help break down the barriers of having the watch restricted to the United States and parts of Canada, considering that you can get around the world pretty easily with lower power on the shortwave bands. Also, many FM transmitters rely on line of sight, unless there are freak atmospheric conditions in play Just my two cents…

  6. goodscape says:

    Developing for the Microsoft Smart Watch

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