Windows CE 5.0 – What’s Difficult ?

Writing the CEFileWiz application has kicked me into thinking about other aspects of Windows CE 5.0 O/S development, or application development that could be made easier...

I've started a list

  • including files into the O/S - CEFileWiz
  • Generating Registry information for ATL/COM objects and MFC/OCX - MFCOCXWiz
  • Generation of WSDL/WSML files for XML Web Services - CEWSDLGen

Platform Wizard generation is perhaps the next interesting project - this shouldn't be too hard since a platform has it's PBXML file to parse...

Apart from the time taken to build an O/S image, are there things that you think are too complicated, or just take too long to make happen, or perhaps just have too many manual steps needed to get something to work...

If so, let me know - I will compile up a list and then we can think about kicking off some skunk development around these areas/tools - which also makes for an interesting idea... how many of you would be interested in making some of these tools a GotDotNet workspace, so you too can get involved in building the tools ?

- Mike

Comments (1)

  1. Richard Jones says:

    Hi Mike.

    I’ve had trouble just getting past the basics; of what drivers to include etc.

    Love a step by step on how to build an image for an old laptop.

    i.e including usb-suppport. Working out pcmcia chipset drivers etc.

    Always had the issue that whatever I build works fine on the emulator.

    Or maybe I’m just being dumb.

    Keep up the great work.

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