Windows CE Platform Wizard ?

I've been thinking...

I've created a number of custom platforms using Windows CE 5.0, how useful would it be to take one of those platforms and generate a "new platform wizard" based on the components of an existing platform, this would make it easy to share platforms and to always have a base platform to work from - does this sound useful, or not ?

[edit/update] The output from the process would be a .xml file that would live in C:\WINCE500\PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\CATALOG\NEWPLATFORMWIZARDS - the next time you ran Platform Builder a "new Platform" wizard would be available that contained the exact same features as your hand-created platform. Sharing the platform would also be easy, simply give the .xml file to someone else, they copy to the C:\WINCE500\PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\CATALOG\NEWPLATFORMWIZARDS folder, run platform builder, and you're done... Sound like a cool utility ?

- Mike

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  1. yannick says:

    Yes ! great idea

    An immediate application is the typical non regression OS design that implement only the features needed to validate a BSP (example: USB Host support, ActiveSync to validate USBDevice, PegTerm for Serial, …)

    It’s always painful to have it created through a custom config, and using a more featured OS design is heavy at build and download (especially in debug)

  2. Tudor says:

    I think it would be useful because it would enable us to probe the behaviour of a custom platform when adding a certain feature. If it works, then it’s ok, if not you can always return to your previous configuration.

    Off topic questions: I have been having some problems with the Windows CE 5.0 serialusbfn.dll driver. There’s not much on MSDN about configuring serial over USB. Do you have any ideas where I can find some information about this (especially about what registry keys to add and where)?



  3. WebClerk says:

    Oh,,,very great ideas!

    Can I do something for you?

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