Windows CE 5.0 – Blog ?

I'm curious to get feedback from anyone that's just getting started with Windows CE 5.0, it would be really, really cool for someone to kick off a blog listing their experience with the O/S and tools...

Any takers ?

- Mike

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  1. Ho Jin Choo says:

    Dear Mike!

    That’s a good idea !!

  2. Mike says:


    Yes, I think this is a good idea – just need one or more people to kick it off…

    – Mike

  3. Tudor says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a student working on a course development project about Windows CE 5.0. It was initially supposed to be about Windows CE .NET but the new version is out now (which is a good thing).

    I also had the idea of an "experiences blog" and today I just added a section on our site ( where me and my collegues will describe some of the adventures with Windows CE 5.0.

    So there you have 3 people already!


  4. WebClerk says:

    ok,good idea.

    I agree with you, dear Mike.


    By the way,I think the training materials what made by yourself is very good, such like the video which named <WinCE basic Labs>.

    I have a idea,we can collect the training materials’ URL link and share on the Blog to everyone.

  5. Anson says:

    Yeah Mike, I think what WebClerk suggested is good. You know in internet forums they always have this "sticky post", which will stay top of the forum. That’s handy for useful URL.

  6. Ding.ZF says:


    what time ?

    how long ?

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