Longhorn Embedded ?

No doubt you've seen the news on the web talking about the plans for release of Longhorn in 2006 - there are a number of places to get the news, some are listed below...

If you look back at Windows XP Embedded, this shipped in less than 90 days from the desktop release of Windows XP Professional - since Longhorn isn't going to ship until 2006 you can expect the Longhorn Embedded product to be shipping in the same timeframe. It's interesting to see some of the longhorn technologies being ported back to Windows XP, especially Avalon and Indigo... Perhaps I need to start playing with those technologies - I'm especially interested in Indigo - "Indigo" is a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems - I guess this can be seen as a replacement for existing technologies such as DCOM, and MSMQ, although, I would assume that for backward compatability these technologies will still be there. [Edited - removed ASP.NET]

- Mike


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  1. Hold on, Indigo is going to be replacing ASP.Net? Do you mean replacing it as a communications medium between systems or as a replacement for browsed web pages as well?

  2. Mike says:

    Whoops – typing with brain disengaged – removed ASP.NET from the posting – thanks !

    – Mike

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