Windows CE 5.0 Emulator Download…

Want to run your Windows CE 5.0 O/S images without needing Platform Builder, or share your images with your customers without them needing Platform Builder, then the Windows CE 5.0 Device Emulator download is probably what you are looking for - take a look here for more information.

- Mike

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  1. Mike Dimmick says:

    I was disappointed when the non-expiring CE 4.x Emulation Editions disappeared, offering only the 120-day Evaluation Editions instead. I’ll have to admit that I mostly used them for the shared source as an application developer – there are some occasions where you can’t figure out why something isn’t quite working and the shared source can help with that.

    Then there are occasions where you haven’t provided an API, e.g. to create the Unimodem blobs to supply to RasSetEntryProperties’ lpbDeviceInfo parameter in order to create a dial-up connection. The format of this blob is only defined in a header shipped with Platform Builder – it’s _not_ included in the Pocket PC SDKs nor in SDKs exported from Platform Builder.

    As a VAR, we usually use Pocket PC/Windows Mobile-based devices such as Symbol’s MC9000, Intermec’s 700 Color or HHP’s Dolphin 9500 depending on the customer’s choice, which need to be commissioned cheaply and easily with the single application. This means having APIs to configure time zone and international settings, currently missing from CE, and often to configure the Windows Mobile Connection Manager. We also need to be able to have the device essentially commission itself from a cold boot. This can involve a good deal of hacking the device’s registry.

    Perhaps the OEM should be offering a base platform through Platform Builder instead, with the VAR being able to integrate any applications and configuration changes into the platform image. The OEMs don’t seem to want to give up that control, though – we’re subcontracting to Symbol, a lot of the time.

  2. Mike Dimmick says:

    Sorry, that should be ‘subcontracting _for_ Symbol UK’, not _to_. We do work for them.

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