More MSDN Channel9 videos coming soon…

The last two days have seen me with camera in hand visiting Chris Gray (yep, same guy that did the Windows CE 5.0 NAS demo), and John Spaith - this time round we're building an RDP client in less than 10 minutes (Chris), and looking at the Windows CE 5.0 Web Server (John).

The RDP client is pretty cool, especially the time needed to configure and build the image - piece of (lemon pound) cake!

The WebServer video is somewhat longer - after some minor editing I expect the video to still be close to 30 minutes - I learned a ton of things about the Web Server that I'd not seen before - I've played with remote admin and using the Web Server to host XML Web Services in Native Code - but there's a ton more to see... videos should be posted to Channel9 sometime in the next couple of weeks...

- Mike

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