Dog Day ?

It seems today is Dog Day... "why's that" I hear you ask, good question...

I spotted two interesting license plates this morning, "MUTTCAB", and "DOGGS" - both vehicles (of course) had dogs in the back...

The other reason today is dog day is because I'm interested in playing with the new Windows CE 5.0 "WatchDOG" feature - there have been over 300 updates between Windows CE 4.2 and Windows CE 5.0, one of these is the Watchdog timer, giving a developer the ability to determine whether critical processes within the operating system are still running as expected, if not, the watchdog can reboot the device, terminate processes, or whatever - seems like a pretty handy function to have in a device, the only question I have is... "what if the watchdog process fails for some reason?" - who's going to watch the watchdog ? (obviously the watchdog process is going to be pretty simple, and therefore shouldn't fail )

This months MSDN "Get Embedded" article should be completed by Tuesday of this week, this is where we take a look at some of the major changes in the O/S and tools between Windows CE 4.2 and Windows CE 5.0.

I'm also running around campus with my MSDN Channel9 camcorder this week, recording more Windows CE 5.0 technology videos, and paying a visit to some other teams at Microsoft - I enjoy recording these videos as much as watching other videos on MSDN Channel 9...

- Mike

Comments (3)

  1. Pete says:

    "what if the watchdog process fails for some reason?"

    Most watchdog timers that I’ve come across have been built in to the processor. If that goes wrong you can kiss recovery goodbye regardless.

  2. Mike says:

    Yep, true – this appears to be a software implementation – I plan on writing up a quick sample on how to use this…

    – Mike

  3. Joe Glandorf says:

    Here are a couple of articles on watchdog timers by Jack Ganssle– they appeared in Embedded Systems Programming magazine a while back:

    You can also go to the site and search for "watchdog" for more info.

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