So, today was the first day of the Embedded Software Developers Conference in San Jose, I was surprised by how small the event was, each of the presentation rooms holds about 30 people (kinda small) - but that also makes for interesting presentations, more interactive...

The day was broken (nicely) into four 90 minute segments (by coffee breaks, and lunch [which we needed to fend for ourselves]), in the morning we covered Windows XP Embedded, SP1 and SP2, tools, architecture, deployment, remote management, creating custom components etc... and then built and booted a Windows XP Embedded operating system to boot and run in Virtual PC [which is very cool, I don't need to carry any additional hardware with me to conferences now!] - don't you just love conference sessions that contain a ton of useful demos?

As a side note, I heard (and don't know how true this is) that one of the other all day tutorials covering an open source O/S was just getting finished with covering legal issues and how to pull random tools together to form something that builds an o/s... I hope to find out more about this tomorrow...

The afternoon we covered Windows CE 5.0, architecture, memory management, device drivers, real-time support, and built/booted/debugged an O/S image in the emulator - and then moved on to application development, this is perhaps one of the lighter sections of the day, very demo heavy - building a scribble application in Win32, MFC and C# - showing the difference in coding the same application using three options... it's a nice way to wrap up the day - I would like to have had time to cover XML Web Services, but there's only so much you can cover in one day.

Questions were good throughout the day, and most of the attendees managed to stay awake (which is always a bonus).

The DoubleTree Hotel seems to be in the middle of nowhere, I spotted someone in the lobby carrying a Starbucks cup, so had to ask where they got it, turns out there's a Starbucks across the street and less than 5 minutes walk from the hotel - Guess where I'm headed tomorrow morning... (I wonder if they have Lemon Pound Cake in San Jose...)

Tomorrow it looks like I'm going to do some booth duty (which is always good fun), and also talking during the panel discussion on robust/secure communications for embedded systems - I also plan on sitting in on some of the other presentations running at the conference, perhaps covering competitive technologies - could be fun, need to get some good questions lined up :O)

I get finished tomorrow evening and fly back to sunny old Redmond, it's a pity though, that Bolling fella is presenting here on Thursday, we're going to miss each other :O(

- Mike


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