Videos and Conferences…

I have some questions for you..

1. Check out the posting on Scoble's blog "A tale of two videos" - which would you rather watch, the professional video or the MSDN Channel 9 video...

2. A similar question, based on feedback from some customers attending the Windows Embedded Developers Conference in San Diego it would appear that delegates had a hard time trying to decide which sessions to attend because good sessions were running at the same time, plus some customers couldn't spare an entire week out of the office to attend the conference. So, that being the case, would it be better for us to record all of the sessions from the conference and make these available online (similar to Channel9), and then host Web Based Q&A sessions on a regular basis to discuss the content of the sessions?

Let me know what you think - I'm especially interested in comments for #2...

- Mike

Comments (4)

  1. Martin Spedding says:

    This problem is especially bad if you don’t live the US which means it is impossible to convince a manager that you need to travel so far to attend a conference. I found the way in which the PDC presentations were put on line excellent. The powerpoint producer method, works well with the possibility of following the slides and listening to the presenter. I don’t think video of the whole presentation is required except for a rare case such as "The nerd, the fortune teller and business man" presentation from Teched Amsterdam.

    I would definitely go for option 2.

  2. YES, YES, YES and YES!

    That would be great because people like myself who don’t get to go to the conferences in the first please can get involved.

  3. Don Newman says:

    It would be great to have these videos available for viewing, but it might be better to present as a new live webcast on the subject where questions can be submitted during the presentation.

    At least I can see that I am not the only one that would love to go to the conferences but can’t.

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