MSDN Channel9 – Windows Automotive, Part II

Part II of the Windows Automotive video for MSDN Channel9 is now live - here's the link

In this video Peter Wengert from the Windows Automotive team is driving me back to building 119 and shows off some of the features of Windows Automotive technology.

One of the coolest aspects of Windows Automotive is that the data is always up to date - most navigation systems require you to have a CD/DVD or CF Card with the mapping data, this can get out of date quite quickly, plus, the navigation software doesn't know about the current road conditions, should I take the 520 on the way home or would the 90 be better ? - the Windows Automotive solution uses data connectivity through your cellphone to get the latest mapping information, road conditions etc... so you are always up to date...

pretty cool, eh?

- Mike

Comments (3)

  1. anonymous coward says:

    in the puget sound region you don’t call freeways "the" road. The correct usage is "should I take 520 on the way home or would 90 be better?"

  2. Mike says:

    good point, actually, I don’t need to take the 520 or 90 since I live on the eastside about 5 minutes from campus… <BCG>

    – Mike

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