“Team VBA” Sumobot – Victory Dance and “Basic Stamp” source.

Chris Tacke and Daron Underwood (from Venturcom) "Team VBA" spent a ton of time working on their Sumobot code at the Windows Embedded Devcon. I heard that they spent about 4 hours just working on their "victory dance" code - if the sumobot has 'found' it's opponent and has reached the white line around the ring then it's assumed that "Team VBA" has won the round and therefore jumps into it's victory dance.

Chris and Daron have kindly submitted their Sumobot code for anyone to download (thanks chaps) - click the Basic Stamp Editor image below to get the BS2 code.

and here's a link to the victory dance - this is pretty funny...




Interestingly, Chris appears to have a recent X-Ray of himself on his blog page...

- Mike


Comments (2)

  1. Chris Tacke says:

    Keep in mind the code is BASIC and we were under a time pressure, so it’s some ugly-assed spaghetti! If you see anything elegant, I did it. If you see something nasty, Daron undoubtedly did that. 🙂

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