Great Gadget Smack-Down – Windows Embedded vs Linux…

WindowsForDevices are running an article comparing Windows Embedded devices to Linux devices - here's an extract from the page.

Impassioned battles between Linux and Windows partisans are no longer confined to the desktop and server arenas. With the growing ubiquity of smart devices, the device arena offers action every bit as intense, justifying massive vendor technology investments, high-dollar PR campaigns, and generous helpings of technical hyperbole from both corners, which contribute to a pugilistic aura not unlike that found at a WWF wrestling championship.

What really matters for the spectators, though, are the actual devices produced by the respective competitors.

We therefore have decided to hold the first-ever "Great Gadget Smack-Down," pitting OS vs. OS. Not on paper, according to oft-conflicting market share estimates, feature and architecture claims, or purported time-to-market benefits -- but instead, where it really counts: based on which OS powers the best gadgets.

This is also being discussed over on Slashdot  although, most of the comments are very much one sided.

The lists are not extensive - I hope that both Windows Embedded and Linux device developers will ping Rick @ WindowsForDevices to update the lists with the latest set of devices.

- Mike


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  1. Rick says:

    you can also submit comments on the "smack-down’ via a talkback thread on’s discussion forum, which is located here:

  2. Mike says:

    Very good, thanks Rick !

    – Mike

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