Tissot SPOT Watch (has a touch screen!)

high tFound this on engadget - this is the Tissot SPOT watch I was trying to find earlier.

The Tissot High T Touch Screen watch is likely the most advanced watch you can get, not only does it have a touch screen— but like all SPOT watches, it receives personalized content such as news, weather and stock updates, calendar appointment reminders from Outlook, Instant Messages from MSN, sports, daily diversions, horoscopes and lottery information. And you’ll need to be checking the lottery for this purchase… Tissot is also offering a special white-glove service through which customers can have their Smart Watch activated at the point of purchase, the watch also includes 6 months or service— all costing you about $725.

Looks pretty nice, eh? - All we need now is programatic access to the SPOT data stream and we will be all set. Imaging kicking off an operating system build and having IM notification being sent to your watch - or having an automated alert from the IT group if your server needs attention - or whatever.

There are two things I would really like to see for SPOT watches, first the ability to send custom IM messages to the watch, second is the ability to write my own custom watch faces (I hear this is coming) - wouldn't it be cool to have a watch face design competition?

Right now SPOT watches seem to be selling (in the US) for just over $100 through to $700 (the Tissot) - I'm sure we're going to see more channels coming online, it would be good to have 3rd parties also create custom channels.

Right now I'm signed up to two subscription services from Microsoft, the SPOT service so that I can continue getting stock, news, weather, IM, daily diversion etc... and X-Box Live.

Do you have a problem with paying for mothly services, or would you prefer a one-time "lifetime" payment (kinda like Tivo).

- Mike

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  1. No Tabs. says:

    I dont like to pay subscriptions….I’d rather pay once and be done with it. Thats one reason I dont have XBOX live.

    Also what use is a Stock or weather service to me. I’d much rather see email and IM. Esp custom IM.

    I’d love to see custom IM because I can see a use for it at Computer Centers. A user at a computer presses a button on the app to indicate that they need help. That then gets queued to a server which delegates which attendant should handle that. Then when the delegate is done they are told again which is the next table to go to.

  2. Duncan says:

    I would also like to see IM so I could attach an IM sender to my printer monitoring and have the appropriate person (supplies, LAN team etc.) notified as soon as a printer error occurs.

  3. JackDee says:

    I hate paying for subscriptions and will NEVER do so. A company with a good product can have as much money as they want from me but only once…..

  4. Mike says:

    Jack – do you pay a monthly subscription for internet access, cable tv or other services ? – if so, how does XBOX Live or MSN Direct (SPOT) differ from the other services you already pay for ?

    – Mike

  5. CanalPDA says:

    Microsoft hizo público la semana pasada que abandona su programa de relojes de datos Spot.

    El problema de predecir el futuro es lo fácil que resulta hacerlo a posteriori. Mirando atrás, resulta evidente que los productos Spot de Microsoft eran una mal

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